Are Your Customers Small to Medium Businesses?

And would it seem normal for you to offer them a website and associated marketing?

And do you offer excellent customer service?

If the answers are yes, then we’d be keen to establish a Reseller relationship with you.

Essentially we would do the website work and share the revenue with you which means that you can build recurring passive income.

We provide full support – allowing you to bill your clients and just pay us our share – and we can even help you with custom marketing material branded specifically for you if required.

We keep everything between us strictly confidential, and respond to your requests whether they be new work or site updates quickly and efficiently.

Anything we do is for the long haul, and we’re constantly upskilling in the latest technologies and marketing methods so you don’t have to and can focus on growing your business.

How it works financially is we just want to get 50% of our normal pricing to cover our work and hosting costs. The rest is up to you. You might sell at our prices, and make 50% yourself (and 50% of the hosting next year and ongoing too) – or you might add some value like running Adwords or Social Media campaigns and charge more.

However, in saying that, at these low prices for us, we don’t want any mucking around over cashflow. On the assumption that you charge your client at least what we do, and you get a 50% deposit from them, then we just ask you pay us our full 50% of the job up front and we’ll do our bit in a timely and professional manner. Then when we’re about to take the website live, we’d assume you would charge your client the balance and make your money then.

Want to have a chat? Just get in touch and we’ll go over things with you.