This offer is no longer available. We’ve kept the page live because there are links to it from Facebook.
If it would have been of interest to you, just get in touch and we can talk about other options.

What part of the planet would you like to own?

We have Licenses available on a city by city basis in Facebook

Exclusive Licenses

Choose Territory

  • 20 available in NZ, OZ and the UK
  • each one 4,000,000 or more people
  • we give you an exclusive License

Facebook Ads

  • we give you tested Facebook Ads
  • you place them in FB ads manager
  • we train you fully on how

People Respond

  • we deal with them by email, live chat & messenger
  • they get quotes
  • some come on board

Website Sales

  • we build their sites
  • we have a holding company in each country they pay
  • we bring the profit back to NZ

How You Earn

  • we know the ad cost vs sale rates
  • we pay you a % of new & repeat sales weekly
  • your income builds

Why Would We Do This?

One accountant said we’d be better off just spending our own money on Facebook ads and reinvesting the surplus that way. This license just gives away some future profits.

Well that’s true in one sense. The pure maths says it costs us $50 more per client than it would if we did our own ads. However, we see this as a fast growth opportunity now, and we want to get as many customer support people working round the clock in Bulls as we can and really build something. So if we could switch on 20 cities right now (over a few week period) we’d opt for that and get training people as fast as we can. Also, having the intellectual input from multiple Licensees along with their business contacts and networks adds a huge intangible value to the business. This is because we will likely expand our products and services over time and the bigger the better for that for sure.

How Does The Money Work?

At the moment our estimated cost of buying a customer using Facebook ads is $150 per client, and we pay you a $200 commission on each one. We also pay you another $50 when they renew their web hosting in ongoing years.

There is enough active market in your territory of 4 million people for you to pull 3 new customers a day from Facebook advertising. That’s because we have a fantastic offer (50% discount off design and setup), have excellent customer communications once they show interest, and a well defined sales and onboarding process without us having to have face to face meetings or lot’s of phone calls. We’ve run tests using email, messenger, and online chat to onboard new clients and it all works fine, and we still make the odd phone call when required. So 3 signups a day at $200 commission (less ad costs) is $150 earning. That can become $285 a day in year 2 because of the repeats, and $400 a day in year 3.

Is The Any Risk?

Your sample fortnight will cost you $750 + GST. At the end, if you haven’t got the agreed returns in commission, or want to quit for any reason, well give you your money back.

We’ll work with you over those 2 week and show you via our Facebook Ad Manager where the money is being spent, how it’s being targeted to just your area, and how it’s turning into sales. We can guarantee your money back because sales will happen (we’ve tested our ads), so even if it’s just not your cup of tea, your money won’t have gone down the toilet bowl. We only want to be doing business with people who feel the same way – hence our guarantee.

What Does A License Cost?

We believe a fair value could be 50% of your first year projected earnings – so $14,000 + GST.

However, if you’re doing your bit and we’re doing our bit, we don’t really need that money as we’ll both be growing our income from client payments. So for now (NZ, OZ and the UK only), and just for Kiwi residents, that price is zero. Just pay your sample week, we’ll book a training week with you and run the ads to prove the point, and then you can grow the income from there without spending another cent.

Can I Have Some Details?

Sure. Just get in touch here and we’ll send you a draft license agreement, a sample fortnight plan, a 60 day plan, the 3 year plan, and a list of available License territories.

Then of course, you may have questions, so we’d be happy to schedule a call and we can get to know each other a little better.

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