Free Upgrade To WordPress

At this time of year, quite a few potential clients put off their website upgrades until the New Year, so as a thank you to those who let us get them sorted now, we’re offering a free upgrade to WordPress worth $500 + GST. This offer only applies to average small business websites – and as with all our projects – we reserve the right to take a close look at the job and provide a written quote.

You need to move your Web Hosting to us to take advantage of this offer ($28.75 per month billed yearly), and we also strongly recommend you take our Content Care package to make sure your site is absolutely maximised for Google because it’s not just the tech behind it that’s important – Google has to read (and like) the content of your site to rank it properly and we have a very good idea of how that works.

However, if you want to manage the content yourself, the offer still stands and we’ll give you an editor’s login to the dashboard after recreating your homepage and working menu in WordPress on a temporary link, and after we’ve received payment for your hosting account.

When your upgrade is ready to go live, we’ll sort out the instructions for pointing your web address to it and can also handle any email requirements attached to your domain name.

Making sure your website doesn’t lose its existing ranking in the Search Engines is something we are very good at, and please click here to see why we think you should have us upgrade you to WordPress.

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