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The Three Key Things To Consider About Websites

What A Website Should Be

  • responsive : it needs to rearrange itself to suit whatever device is looking at it
  • transferable : you should own it and be able to move it to any webhost
  • easily updated : you or your webhost should be able to make content changes quickly & simply

What It Should Cost

  • not much : it’s very quick to build a small business website and should be in the $100’s, not $1000’s
  • hosting : is not expensive to provide so shouldn’t be a big monthly cost
  • online ads : should be measured to ensure any internet marketing spend is making an actual return

What It Should Do

  • generate leads : it is your main online advertising channel
  • record its visitor statistics : via Google Analytics
  • integrate : with social media
  • do special things : WordPress has over 50,000 plugins (like e-commerce for example)

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